Crazy Time

Introduction: The Allure of Crazy Time

Evolution Gaming, a name synonymous with innovation in the live gaming industry, has achieved another milestone with "Crazy Time". This dazzling live game promises an electrifying experience with massive wins, riveting bonus rounds, and a unique spin on traditional money wheels. Let's dive deeper into this magnificent creation.

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Evolution Gaming's Historic Moment

Record-breaking is not new to Evolution Gaming. Recall the monumental day, 4th October 2020, when a jaw-dropping sum of over $12.5 million was awarded in one round. Such significant events are testament to Crazy Time's unparalleled capability to deliver substantial rewards.

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming

Core Mechanics: The Crazy Time Money Wheel

The Crazy Time Money Wheel isn't your ordinary wheel. Consisting of 54 vibrant segments, the wheel is designed to provide a mix of numeric payouts and exclusive bonus rounds. A brief breakdown:

  • Number 1 - Occupies 21 segments, offering a 1x stake payout.
  • Number 2 - Found on 13 segments, yielding a 2x stake payout.
  • Number 5 - Spans across 7 segments, resulting in a 5x stake reward.
  • Number 10 - Covers 4 segments, bestowing a 10x stake payout.

On top of these numeric segments, players can also land on symbols for four unique bonus rounds:

  • Coin Flip - 4 segments with a max win potential of 5,000x (or up to £500,000).
  • Cash Hunt - 2 segments with an astounding max win of 10,000x (equivalent to £500,000).
  • Pachinko - 2 segments, also with a 10,000x max win possibility (capping at £500,000).
  • Crazy Time - The standout segment, offering a staggering 20,000x max win (peaking at £500,000).

With approximately 16% odds (9/54) of landing a bonus round, players are always at the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating their next big win.

Delve into Bonus Features

Top Slot Feature:

A slot machine placed right above the Money Wheel, the Top Slot is a game-changer. Two reels determine a bet spot and a multiplier, respectively, supercharging potential wins.

Coin Flip Bonus Round:

Watch a real coin flip in the studio, assigning random multipliers to each side. The facing-up side post-flip determines the multiplier applied.

Cash Hunt Bonus Round:

Players encounter a screen of 108 hidden multipliers, concealed by random symbols. After a shuffle, players pick a symbol hoping to reveal the highest multiplier.

Pachinko Bonus Round:

The game transitions to a vast Pachinko wall. A luminous puck navigates through pegs, ultimately landing on a multiplier or the enticing “double” - which doubles multipliers and awards another round.

Crazy Time Bonus Round:

Step into an enchanting virtual realm. A colossal Money Wheel, reminiscent of a ferris wheel, dominates the scene. Players choose a flapper color (blue, green, or yellow), and the indicated multiplier post-spin is awarded. Landing on “double” or “triple” escalates the multiplier values, leading to thrilling outcomes.

Crazy Time Live Game

Crazy Time Live Game

Simple Steps: How to Play Crazy Time

Commencing a game is straightforward:

  • Utilize the allocated Bet Time to place a bet, ranging from 10p to a whopping £5,000.
  • Bet on numbers (1, 2, 5, 10) or any of the four bonus rounds. Mix and match or go all-in – the choice is yours.
  • Watch the presenter spin the Money Wheel in tandem with the Top Slot. Enjoy the ensuing spectacle and potential winnings.

Final Thoughts: Why Crazy Time Reigns Supreme

Crazy Time isn't just a game; it's an adrenaline-charged adventure. Merging the appeal of four games into a unified platform, it delivers unparalleled excitement. With the potential for extraordinary payouts, this game truly lives up to its name. Whether a seasoned live game enthusiast or a newbie, Crazy Time guarantees an unforgettable gaming experience.

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